Tokai | Leadbetter Rabid Dog Relic | Tradition LP Special | JJs J-90s | Relic TV Yellow | Bigsby


This guitar came to us as a brand spanking new Tokai LSS-58 Traditional Series LP Special in white. 

It was selected as a candidate for the Leadbetter Guitar Co “Rabid Dog Relic” treatment by our workshop manager Joel Wheeler. 

The Process

We hand sanded as much of the original poly finish off as possible, added some tasteful wear and tear and applied a new thin skin nitro finish in TV yellow.

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of JJs pickups from South Australia. When it came to upgrading the stock pickups in this guitar, we reached for their new J-90 set. Articulate, punchy, thick and detailed. 

We minimised the electronics down to master volume, tone and pickup selector, to simplify the signal path and maximise the tone. with all of our relics, we upgraded the Pots and Jack sockets to US made Switchcraft/Dimarzio parts. 
heavy gauge cloth braided wire was used through out. 

Tremelo is genuine Bigby and all other parts have been hand relic’d. 

Precision setup with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky’s by Joel in the Nepean Music Workshop.

This release of “Rabid Dog Relics” for June 2022 is unique in that there is only one of each guitar.

Available from Friday 2nd June. 
On display at Nepean Music Mornington now. 

Shipping within Australia is $59. 



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