CARLSBRO | CSD45MPACK | Mesh Heads | Pro Electronic Drum Kit Bundle


The NEW Carlsbro CSD35M Electronic drum kit with mesh heads, mesh kick trigger with real drum pedal, plus bigger 10" snare and 12" Ride Cymbal.

All bundled up with a DXP Stool and Carson Headphones! 

A Carlsbro Electronic drum kit now with all-mesh heads for incredible realistic drum feel. The Upgraded snare and ride cymbal along with the all important real kick pedal, make this kit an incredible value kit for the experienced drummer. 

Check out these features: 

  • Full size adjustable frame
  • Mesh dual zone 10" snare and single zone tom pads
  • 12" Ride and10" crash cymbals with choke
  • Dual headphone output
  • Adjust velocity and sensitivity of hi-hat and bass drum pedals
  • USB/MIDI recording interface

Here’s what ya get:

  • 10" Crash (with Choke)
  • 12" Dual Zone Ride Cymbal
  • 10" Single Zone Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 8" Single Zone Tom x3
  • 10" Dual Zone Snare
  • Full Size Frame
  • Commander 25 Module
  • Drum Key
  • Drum Sticks
  • Harness & Cable Set
  • Bass Drum Pedal with mesh head trigger
  • Full Hi-Hat Stand and Pedal for real feel

Bundled With:

  • DXP DA1235 drum stool ($49.95)
  • Carson HP30 headphones (39.95)

From Carlsbro:

The CSD45M electronic drum kit comprises 3x 10” cymbals and 1x 12″ cymbal with an advanced noise reducing soft touch rubber padding. Both Crash cymbals and ride cymbal include the cymbal choke feature. The 12″ ride features our dual zone triggering giving you defined regions for ride bow and ride bell.
2×10″ and 2x 8” mesh drum pads feature our dual zone rim and main pad triggers, topped with our refined real mesh heads, and lowest profile drum rims, designed to increase accuracy and reduce noise from unwanted rim shots. Our carefully designed sensor technology alleviates dead spots across the playing surface, creating a realistic and natural feel.
The CSD45M comes standard with an 8″ mesh bass pad and Carlsbro kick pedal, Unique to the CSD45M is the frame attached legless open/close hardware hi-hat stand which emulates acoustic drum kit playability and feel. It’s small footprint allows for free placement of double bass pads and pedals without compromising your stance and comfort.
The fully adjustable drum frame gives you unlimited 360 configuration and positioning versatility to cater for drummers of all age and size. Quickly and easily reversed to suit left-handed drummers and any possible configuration that you could require. The frame is as always, preassembled, making your setup process quick and painless. Every adjustment is easily made with hand fastening wing nuts and a single drum key which is included, no additional tools or fuss are required.

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