Timber Tones | Snake | Guitar Pick


Black Buffalo Horn
We recommend Tribal Tones for Acoustic Guitar, Gypsy Jazz Guitar, Archtop Jazz Guitar and Electric Guitar.
Buffalo Horn has the closest tone to the fabled Tortoise shell picks as it is made from the same Keratin material and thus warm and rounded.
Tribal Tones are designed for those who require a seriously heavy duty and hard-wearing Guitar Pick. The Black Buffalo Horn is 3.3mm thick where you hold them and chamfers down to 0.7mm at the playing tip. The tip is very pointed and sharp, giving precision and speed making these guitar picks ideal for thrash picking or Gypsy Jazz. They have been Laser Etched on one side for extra grip.
This pack contains 1 Snake Tribal Tones Guitar Picks.
Although we have tried to ensure that our photos represent the Guitar Pick that you will receive, there is a high level of variety in our picks due to the nature of many of our natural materials. 

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