Studio Daydream | KC-MOD | Overdrive Gold | Ex-Demo Pedals


This ex-demo pedal comes to us from the personal collection of Brett “Burgs” Kingman, Brett is Australian guitar royalty and a YouTube pioneer. He has toured the world working & recording with such Australian icons as James Reyne, Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris and shared the stage with the likes of Tina Turner and Robert Palmer, just to name a few. 

Check outs Brett’s YouTube demo/review and if you like what you hear, this is your chance to buy the actual pedal from the video. 

From Studio Daydream: 

This Special Version of the KCM-OD lavishly uses luxury audio-grade parts and has been tuned.

It is equipped with a charge pump IC 27V booster circuit. It has extremely low noise as a result of the creative methods applied, such as careful selection of the parts to be used, placement of the circuit pattern with heavy consideration of noise reduction, and star ground wiring (single point grounding).

Using the 2 switches to toggle between modes, which are for clip mode (3 modes) and bypass mode (2 modes), as well as the FAT knob, an even wider range of sounds can be created.

Through the bypass mode switch, it is possible to toggle between Buffered, which is a bypass that uses the buffer amp with an established reputation for performance, and True, which is a true bypass that is characteristic for having a small change in tone during the bypass. As a result, it is possible to avoid overlapping buffers for series connections of effects.

In addition, the FAT knob, which newly allows for stepless adjustment for the first time with this V9.0, can push out a bit of the sound from the low side and increase the harmonic components at the same time. It produces the original constant when it is set at the Normal position.


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