Mooer | SD30i | Intelligent Multi FX/Modeling Desktop Amp | Rechargeable


The latest amplifier in the MOOER lineup seeks to add the latest in compact amp technology with the all-new SD30i Intelligent Amplifier. As usual, MOOER provides a full arsenal of guitar amplifiers, cabinets, and effects that have been captured, selected, and tweaked for the best possible tone in a compact amplifier. With 52 amps, 49 different effects, the SD30i can handle even the most genre-defying of practice sessions. Staying true to the name, the SD30i is powered by a 30-watt stereo amplifier pushing two 4” speakers that can easily fill a room.

*Digital modelling amplifier based on the MOOER’s signature iAMP system.

*52 amp models created with MNRS technology, and 49 classic and experimental effects.

*30-watt stereo amplifier with 2 four-inch loudspeakers.

*40 drum machine varieties and 10 metronome types to choose from.

*80-second looper that can easily sync with the drum machine.

*Built-in tuner for tuning your instrument easily.

*Rechargeable battery with up to 5-hour battery life.

*Specialized iAMP App for complete effects editing, firmware updates, and the ability to upload/download tones from MOOER Cloud.

*Support for wireless footswitch control.

*Bluetooth 5.0 high quality audio input for audio playback or practice.

*USB-C port for high-quality audio recording and playback. 

New to the MOOER amplifier lineup is the iAMP mobile app that adds the ability to interact with tones stored in the cloud, update firmware, and edit any tones/effects chains to your liking. Bluetooth 5.0 is also built-in for the best possible experience when jamming or recording with a backing track.


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