Fender | Leadbetter Rabid Dog Relic | Cabronita Tele | Relic Shell Pink


This guitar came to us as a Fender MIM Cabronita Telecaster that we have given our famous Rabid Dog Relic Treatment!

First off, we removed all of the original electronics. The Poly finish was sanded back to the colour coat. We lightly relic’d the body and applied a new Baby Pink colour coat. We used our thin skin yellowed clear coat and applied some further reluding for that vintage aged look. 

Electronics, we installed a Gretsch Hilotron “Single Coil” in the Neck for amazing clean almost acoustic tones and a Monstrous Mr Glyn's Pickups "The Tron" in the bridge, hand wound in New Zealand! As always we installed a Switchcraft Jack and Dimarzio pot 

The maple neck has been sanded back for that silky smooth played in feel. 

We leaned into the Gretsch styling with Gretsch “G” control knob and Gretsch screw in strap buttons. 




Don't forget these...