SX Electric Guitar Add-On Bundle | Just add Guitar!


Just add guitar! 

You can build your own guitar and amp pack with this ElectrIc Guitar Add on Pack from Nepean Music. 

Here’s what you get: 

SX AGA1065 Electric Guitar Amp

2 channel, 10watt guitar amp. Loud enough to annoy  everyone in your street, yet small enough for the bedroom. Built in distortion.

Carson Rocklines 3m Cable 

This ain’t no throw away budget cable!
Carson cables are used on stages all over the world. When we set out to make this package, a quality cable was one of our main priorities. 


We chose this strap because it’s soft and comfortable with hard wearing leather ends. 2 inches wide for excellent weight distribution. Made in Australia!


We’ll make sure you get some picks to suit your style. 

12 month warranty 

Built to last. 

Let’s get you started! 



Don't forget these...