Colombo Audio Electronics | Utopia Overdrive - Brett Edition! | Ex-Demo Pedals


This ex-demo pedal comes to us from the personal collection of Brett “Burgs” Kingman, Brett is Australian guitar royalty and a YouTube pioneer. He has toured the world working & recording with such Australian icons as James Reyne, Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris and shared the stage with the likes of Tina Turner and Robert Palmer, just to name a few. 

Check outs Brett’s YouTube demo/review and if you like what you hear, this is your chance to buy the actual pedal from the video. 

From Colombo Audio Electronics:


Utopia is an overdrive pedal designed with the intent of achieving overdriven sonic perfection in conjunction with maximum versatility offering 3 distinct iconic tones of the past.
Like all Colombo Audio Electronics pedals, Utopia is also completely customizable. Based on customization requests, the price could change.

After the consolidated success of Via Lattea Overdrive, Colombo Audio Electronics goes further with Utopia, offering a top quality boutique product, completely handmade in Italy, able to soundly reach every corner of the overdrive universe thanks to a layout with 3 potentiometers of maximum simplicity and a 3-position mode selector.
This simple layout is designed to preserve the same simplicity of the traditional pedals of the past, an effective and intuitive system able to satisfy the professional guitarist and also the amateur who doesn’t want sonic limits.
Despite its versatility and so many features distinguishing it from the others, Utopia is also well suited for smart plug & play use with the typical 9V battery, the current draw is only 20mA.

The 3 modes
A fundamental feature is the mode selector: a lever aiming to radically change the voice and the feeling of the overdrive, inspired by 3 milestones of the overdrive pedals of the past and present.

  • T.S.: inspired by the iconic green Ibanez TS808 overdrive, made famous by hundreds of past and present guitarists around the world. This mode offers a very warm, not overly distorted tone, with abundant compression characterized by symmetrical clipping.
  • K.: inspired by the legendary Klon Centaur, which has become a true cult; the sound becomes creamier and acquires a very particular “bronzed” grain, the output volume also increases considerably and the upper harmonics become more present.
  • O.C.: Recreates the typical effect of an overdrive pedal bordering on the tone of a distortion box. This mode is inspired by the Fulltone Obsessive Compulsive Drive, much loved by modern guitarists.

Utopia has 3 interactive and self-configuring controls depending on the chosen mode.

  • Volume: sets the output volume, Ultra mode offers more output volume than the others.
  • Tone: works on the high frequencies; low values generate warm and thick sounds, high values can reach sharp and incisive sounds without exceed in unusable tones, interesting sounds remain available even at extreme settings.
  • Overdrive: sets the saturation amount; the 3 mode lever acts to completely change the overdrive response.
  • T.S./K./O.C.: Sets the mode. Depending on the position of this switch, the controls may respond in different ways.

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