Big Sound Percussion | 3A | American Hickory Drum Sticks


Our 3A drumsticks take on the same great recipe as our other premium drumstick series with 2 main differences. One being the larger barrel tip and the second being the short taper. With these two differences combined we are able to offer an unbeatable combination of power and durability so rest assured our 3A drumsticks will keep up with hard hitter inside us all.


Crafted from the finest hand selected American Hickory available, and prior to hitting the shelves go through the strict process of being digitally pitch tested and sonically matched into pairs ensuring you receive the highest quality drumstick available.


The barrel tip provides definition and cut via cymbal response due to the large back cut machining at the neck while the short taper give massive amounts of power!


  • Diameter: 14.6mm / .574"
  • Length: 413.0mm / 16.1/4"
  • Tip Design: Acorn - Wood
  • Taper: Medium / Short
  • Weight: 60G
  • Material: Hand Selected American Hickory

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