Fender | Super Sonic Twin | 100w | 2 x 12 | Valve Combo | Pre-Loved


This amp was origin purchased from us in the early 2000’s and is and has never left the house, its a close to brand new as you will ever see. 

From Fender:

" Fender's Super-Sonic Twin tube combo amp is designed for guitarists who want the inimitable sound of Fender clean tones plus expressive high-gain sounds in an all-tube, 100W, 2x12 combo.

The Super-Sonic Twin combo has a classic two-channel preamp with Vintage and Burn channels. The Vintage channel delivers tones based on legendary Fender favorites, with pre-gain tone controls and switchable voices for shimmering clean tones derived from vintage Fender Twin Reverb and Showman amps, and fat, punchy tone reminiscent of 1960s Bassman amps. The Pre and Master Volume controls can be set for pure clean or slightly overdriven tones.

The Burn channel ignites musical inspiration with overdrive flavors from bluesy to flame-throwing. Experiment with post-gain EQ and two-stage cascading preamp controls. Gain 1 provides edgy breakup and distortion while Gain 2 adds compression, thickness, and sustain. The Notch Tune feature lets you move the midrange notch for a variety of American and British flavors. The Super-Sonic Twin combo is capable of modern high-gain overdrive and sustain, but these characteristics can be fine tuned without masking the tonal character of your guitar.

Additionally, the amp's FX loop on/off footswitch can also be made to function as a great solo boost by simply using a short jumper lead cable between send/return that works on all 3 channels!

The Super-Sonic Twin combo also contains impressive extras like the Arena/Club switch, which provides 25W output (or, remove two of the power tubes for 50W/12W operation). The Damping control on the rear panel lets you select Normal, Loose, or Tight speaker response. And the all-new Fender Automatic Bias control (patent-pending) lets you easily set your output tubes to the recommended factory setting without a meter or tools. The bias can be set hotter or cooler if desired, and almost any mix of 6L6 power tubes will work.

The Super-Sonic Twin combo also includes a 4-button, pedal board-friendly footswitch.


- 2x12 Vintage 30 speakers

- Notch Tune Control

- Damping Control

- Automatic Bias Control

- Arena/Club Switch

- Includes Caster wheels + original manual.”

Don't forget these...