Strymon | Lex V2 | Rotary | Pre-Loved


Pre-Loved and in excellent condition. Sounds incredible, as all Strymon pedals do! 

No box or power supply included, but ready to go straight on your board. 

There is something uniquely powerful about the sound  of a vintage rotary speaker system. The organic chorusing as the treble horn and bass rotor start speeding up.  The grit of the internal tube-driven amplifier, creating additional harmonics that spin around the room.  Plug into Lex, close your eyes, and be transported by this classic sound, recreated with astonishing realism and depth for your pedalboard.

Lex provides you with a complete, accurately reproduced rotary speaker system: the low-frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube-driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement, and all the complex sonic interactions between these elements. Powerful, intuitive controls mean you can quickly dial in just the customized sound you desire.


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