Strauss | Polka 80 Amplifier | Vintage

An Incredible find!
This glorious beast, manufactured here in Melbourne in the early 70’s by Strauss/Nova Sound, is a real powerhouse.
Appears to have a quad of original Svetlana Electron Devices EL34’s in the Power Amp Section, along with a Miniwatt Australian Made 12AU7 and a Miniwatt Australian Made 6CG7 in the PreAmp. 
The 4x12 is in its original form, unmodified. 
We are currently unsure of the type of speaker, more research needed… they do appear to be a matched set and original to the cab. 

This thing Loud and Proud and bursting with tone! Working Great and has come to us from its Original Owner. 

Fans of Early 70s Marshall’s should be looking at this one! 

Don't forget these...