Devtech Audio | Skylight | Ex-Demo Pedals


This ex-demo pedal comes to us from the personal collection of Brett “Burgs” Kingman, Brett is Australian guitar royalty and a YouTube pioneer. He has toured the world working & recording with such Australian icons as James Reyne, Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris and shared the stage with the likes of Tina Turner and Robert Palmer, just to name a few. 

Check outs Brett’s YouTube demo/review and if you like what you hear, this is your chance to buy the actual pedal from the video. 

From Devtech Audio:

The DevTech Audio ‘Skylight’ was designed to sound like an overdriven vintage valve amp. Producing tones from a light overdrive, to a great crunchy rhythm and a nice thick blues type lead. The pedal retains all the tone of your guitar, throughout the entire gain range.

Not based on most of the popular overdrive circuits currently flooding the market, the ‘Skylight’ offers something a little different. Comparatively, the ‘Skylight’ sits closer in design to the Pete Cornish SS-3 style of sound.

The ‘Skylight’ includes Treble and Bass controls to tailor EQ, and Volume and Gain controls to control the output volume and level of overdrive desired. The SI/GE toggle switch selects between silicon (Onsemi 1N914) and germanium (Rare NOS Mullard OC10 – Military spec CV7049) clipping diodes offering different tonal characteristics. Silicon will provide more volume and a cleaner output, whereas germanium will provide less volume (use the Volume control to compensate) with warmer harmonics and more overdrive.

Inside the enclosure is a 2 position gain profile DIP switch which can select between a single coil (SC) and Humbucker (HB) options. These modes are purely a slight gain increase for the SC setting, and a slight decrease for HB setting. This can help with the difference between high and low output pickups, allowing you to decide which sounds best for your own guitar. The ‘Skylight’ comes standard in SC mode.

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