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This ex-demo pedal comes to us from the personal collection of Brett “Burgs” Kingman, Brett is Australian guitar royalty and a YouTube pioneer. He has toured the world working & recording with such Australian icons as James Reyne, Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris and shared the stage with the likes of Tina Turner and Robert Palmer, just to name a few. 

Check outs Brett’s YouTube demo/review and if you like what you hear, this is your chance to buy the actual pedal from the video. 

From Colourtone: 

Embark on a sonic journey of modulation with the RoundHouse, Colortones luscious multi mode tremolo pedal featuring three modulation modes.

Optical Tremolo

Harmonic Tremolo


Choose the Optical Tremolo mode for a classic, vintage tremolo sound with warm and smooth waveforms. The Harmonic Tremolo mode adds a more complex and modern sound that adds depth and dimension to your playing. Finally, the Vibe mode emulates the classic psychedelic sound of a rotating speaker, perfect for adding a unique flavour to your guitar sound.

With the addition of Tap Tempo and a Momentary Speed Multiplier, you can easily dial in the perfect tempo and add creative rhythmic variations to your playing.

The Reverb and Saturation (Grain) controls at the input of the modulation engine can be dialed in to excite the pulse and sustain of the effect.

Additional controls include: - Mode - Speed - Depth - Boost - Reverb - Grain - Phase - Waveshape Select - Momentary Speed Multiply and Tap Tempo.

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