Way Huge | Geisha Drive | Drive | Pre-Loved

The Way Huge Geisha Drive is a limited-edition pedal featuring custom artwork and circuitry to deliver powerful overdriven tones in a beautifully stunning package. Delivering incredible amounts of tonal fuzz and sonic distortion, the Geisha Drive's custom circuitry is designed to offer versatile tones which are moved and shaped by the intensity of attack and volume of the guitar. It is also equipped with a simple 3-knob control setup, ensuring players can quickly and easily dial in the desired tone in any situation. Limited to 500 units and featuring a custom plectrum tin and plectrums, the Way Huge Geisha Drive is the perfect choice for players wanting to give their sound extra edge or saturated their tone in gnarly thunder.

NEW/USED.         -USED

CONDITION.       - 9.5




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