Vox | SSC-33 | Single Cutaway Electric | Pre-Loved

Vox | SSC-33 | Single Cutaway Electric | Pre-Loved


Pre-Loved by one of Australia’s most prominent Guitarists. Mint Condition. Very unique guitar, you won’t find many of these around and certainly not in this condition. 

Vox SSC-33 single cutaway solid body guitar was introduced in 2010 and includes features inspired by the Vox Virage guitar series.

The carved solid body of the SSC-33 is curved in three dimensions. It not only features a conventional arched top, it is also curved along its length from the heel of the neck to the bottom of the guitar. This concave wrap around design nestles the body of the guitar to the player, and makes the SSC-33 very comfortable to play with a strap or while sitting down.

The all aluminum, micro adjustable Max Connect TM bridge provides maximum sustain.

The neck joint features a contoured heel that allows easy access to the highest frets on the guitar.

Twin CoAxe TM pickups feature two pickup elements; each delivers a unique tone, yet each one remains whisper-quiet. The passive analog tone circuitry offers both a Master Volume and a Master Tone control to refine your individual sound.

Cast Super Smooth Vox tuners facilitate a stable tuning environment for the SSC-33.


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