Vox | AV15 | Hybrid | Guitar Amp

Shockingly good tone, quite unbelievable at in an amp of this size and price point. We’ve never heard an amp  with and 8” speaker sound like this! 

Tailor tones to create the sound you want with this Vox AV15 analog amp, which is appropriate for use in the studio or at home. The fully featured AV15’s tube-based, multi-circuit analog pre-amp lets you choose between clean, crunch, overdrive, and high gain tones via the Bright and Fat switches. You can further enhance these classic tones with the customisable, tube-equipped analog power section. The beautifully designed and sealed speaker enclosure provides improved resonance. Rounding out the features of this amp are analog-voiced digital effects including chorus, delay and reverb. Regardless of your playing style, the AV15 is a well-designed and nicely equipped practice and recording tool that puts control in your hands.

  • Left and right edges are significantly rounded, allowing sound to project widely
  • Sound post unifies the vibrations of the rear and baffle to improve the sound
  • Sound emanates from a projecting position to create a wider sound field
  • Proprietary bass reflex structure ensures natural sound balance
  • Entire cabinet receives speaker vibration to create appropriate speaker resonance
  • Asymmetric mounting prevents internal standing waves to deliver a fuller frequency response

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