TREX | Alberta | TS Style Overdrive | Pre-Loved


It´s bluesy, it´s swampy, it´s what we know and love!

The Alberta is a low-gain overdrive, designed to add a little extra sizzle to your sound, making your notes fly off the fretboard with a bit more personality and feel. It´s a very musical and pleasing tone, that countless players have used as a “sound enhancer”, not just a great sounding overdrive.
It was actually designed for boosting the amp SRV-style (gain down, level up), so it´s lower gain and less strident than Stevie´s pedal.

“The blue one”, as they call the original, is finally available again with the same sound and looks, handmade in Denmark.


  • “The blue one” - Classic, no nonsense overdrive

  • True bypass

  • Reproduction of the original Alberta circuit

  • Selected parts match or surpass the old ones in quality/sound

NEW/USED.               - USED

CONDITION.             - 6.0






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