Mahalo | MJ2TBRK | Concert Ukulele | wIth Essentials Pack

Mahalo use Indonesian Teakwood to build their fingerboards and bridges, Mahogany for our necks, and exotic Nyatoh for our bodies with arched back.

Complete with Mahalo carry bag, Mahalo Java Series Ukuleles feature an arched back and state-of-the-art Canadian NuBone Extended Bass (XB) bridge saddles to increase projection and bass response. Aquila strings are also fitted to our ukuleles to produce a fuller, louder and more balanced sound, rich in tonal harmonics.

You’ll be amazed at the quality and performance of the Mahalo JAVA Series Ukuleles.

The Essentials package includes: 

  • Mahalo clip-on digital tuner
  • Extra Aquila strings
  • Ukulele Picks
  • User guide & sticker set
  • Instructional Video & e-book download




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