Korg | CA2 | Chromatic Tuner |


The Korg CA-2 chromatic turner is a compact and easy to use tuner designed for brass and orchestral band use. The CA-2 features wide range of pitch detection which allows for fast, high-precision tuning of brass & wind instruments, strings, keyboards, and many other instruments. Also included is Korg’s renown super-accurate turning, adjustable calibration, larger display, and helpful reference tones from the built-in speaker. Better yet, it now comes with 200 hours of continuous use via the battery, you can tune for days.

The CA-2 is a pocket-sized card-type tuner that’s easy to carry anywhere. The rounded body is comfortable to hold in your hand, and now has an even more stylish design that accents the battery compartment. It uses a new mechanism that lets you replace the battery by sliding the entire body, so there’s no risk of losing the battery compartment cover.

  • Chromatic tuner, ideal for brass band or orchestra
  • Wide range of pitch detection
  • High-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning
  • Sound Out can produce a reference tone from the internal speaker
  • Auto Power Off function conserves battery life
  • Memory Backup Function remembers last calibration
  • Approximately 200 hours of continuous use

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