Colonial Leather | IUKE-05 | Yellow Bush Plum | Uke Strap | Aboriginal Art Strap by Anette Doolan

Colonial Leather IUKE-05 Ukulele Strap featuring Yellow Bush Plum Design Artwork fabric sewn onto 40mm nylon webbing with genuine 2mm leather ends.

Slide Adjustable in length from 80cm to 120cm

Made in Australia

Indigenous Australians are one among the native people on earth with traditions and customs going back to approx. 50000 years. Their belief system is built on their value & respect towards the land and the dreamtime. Though their dreaming about land changes between different groups, the idea of creation from their ancestors, stays similar; ancestors and forefathers sprang up from underneath the soil as spirits and started building mountains, rivers, waterholes, trees, and light garden for future generations.

Anette Doolan comes from Santa Terese of Central Australia. She belongs to the Doolan family and speaks Arrernte language. Her dreaming’s mainly involve Seven Sisters, Dancing Spirits, Spirit Dreaming etc. 

Please note that as this material is cut from a larger piece & design that the pattern may vary.


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